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  1. What about VAT / Taxes?
    • GamesAndGamers pricing is VAT inclusive in all countries where amounts are collected. On a periodic basis, GamesAndGamers remits the tax collected on sales to the appropriate tax authorities. Both GamesAndGamers and developers will cover the VAT and other sales taxes. The tax is deducted based upon the jurisdictions the customer resides in, using the applicable rate.

  2. How do I get paid?
    • Games and Gamers Lab will send your payment via Electronic Funds Transfer which is a direct deposit (Ringgit only), or international wire transfer (a wire fee applied to each payment). We do not currently offer any other payment methods - please ensure that you are able to receive payments in this manner. GamesAndGamers is unable to provide additional documentation to help you receive your funds.

  3. When will I be paid?
    • You will be paid on a monthly basis. For example, we will pay you for calendar January month sales by February 30th. It may take a few business days for the payment to post to your bank account. In that case, you may see the payment in your bank account during the first few days of March, following the example above. Keep in mind that GamesAndGamers reserves the right to hold 10% of revenue owed in a given period in order to account for any refunds and chargebacks.

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